12.11.2017 12:00
25 - 22
18 - 25
25 - 23
23 - 25
15 - 12

Match Information

Coach Quote (Away Team)
Gus Cirillo-Uni Blues "Today it was good to see the guys come back after psychological potential damage that that sort of loss can cause…I wasn’t sure if they would be ready for it. But it was great to see them come back and play again. We didn’t have a chance to have a match point in this game but to get them to come back and play mentally is what I see best out of that situation. It was really pleasing to see the team come back after the Storm being down 2 nil, and after yesterday’s 5 setter. We just need to learn to close out the five sets."

An expectant crowd was on hand to witness game two between Uni Blues and the WA Hornets after a five set thriller in game one. The Hornets took a similar approach to their Women's counterparts in working with variations in lineup, while the Blues continued in a similar fashion to game one with formidable blocking and a varied and on-target offense. The match lived up to all expectations, with neither team able to gain the upper hand. WA setter Jason Laverdure led the Hornets in a set-for-set battle, with their work from the service line forcing inconsistency in the Blues' reception and creating extra attacking opportunities for WA. Again the match was drawn out to a tightly contested fifth set which the Blues looked set to take with an early 4-point lead into the change, but from there it was the Hornets who rallied hard ahead of their home crowd's support to take the set and the match.